Here’s a look at the technology we use to provide the best possible internet for everyone in our part of Texas.


Data transfer at the speed of light.

Fiber-optic internet, more often called “fiber,” is a connection that can reach speeds up to Gigabits per second.

This technology uses fiber optic cable that can can transmit data at the speed of light. Additionally, it’s far less susceptible to severe weather conditions, helping to minimize outages.

Wireless internet tower in front of sunset

Bringing the internet to the hardest-to-reach spots.

Wireless internet uses towers to relay data to your home and allows people in remote areas to connect to the internet.

If you try to visit a webpage using wireless internet, the data for that page is gathered from the tower and then sent onwards to your home using radio waves. While Fiber remains the best in internet technology, wireless allows people to connect even when they live in hard-to-reach places.

Wi-Fi Mesh and support

Optimizing your home and office Wi-Fi experience.

We’ve all been places where the internet doesn’t work in every room of a home or office space. Wi-Fi mesh makes that problem a thing of the past.

With Wi-Fi mesh, a central router is connected to smaller devices typically called mesh points. Each of these mesh points is interconnected and serves as a source point for a Wi-Fi signal. This setup allows for greater coverage inside one’s home and the elimination of dead spots and weak signal areas.

Ready to Connect?

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