Service Area for Telephone
Fiber, and Broadband Internet

Whether you reside in Newburg, Olden, or downtown De Leon, Totelcom offers many telecommunication services and competitive offerings. Give us a call at 254-893-1000 and let us know which telecommunications services are a must for you, your family, and business.

The map to the right outlines the boundaries of our wired services including telephone, fiber, and broadband.

Extended Area Calling

Extended Area Calling allows for toll free calling from one local exchange to other local exchanges.
Each local exchange within the Totelcom local service area is listed below, along with its designated toll-free calling areas.

Carbon (639) – Toll free calling to Gorman and Eastland.
De Leon (893) – Toll free calling to Desdemona, Gorman, Proctor, and Sidney.
Desdemona (758) – Toll free calling to De Leon and Gorman.
Gorman (734) – Toll free calling to De Leon, Desdemona, and Carbon.
Newburg (885) – Toll free calling to Comanche.
Olden (653) – Toll free calling to Eastland.
Proctor (879) – Toll free calling to De Leon and Comanche.
Sidney (842) – Toll free calling to De Leon and Comanche.