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Straightforward plans—no gimmicks for residents and businesses.

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Make local and long distance calls.

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Connecting our communities to each other–and the world.

Our Internet
is the Real Deal

What’s real about our broadband internet? How about streaming a show with no lag time, or watching your favorite team with a picture that puts you at the game. Maybe it’s connecting with loved ones or taking a class over a trouble-free video call. We’re here to help with whatever you like to do online.

Call us at 254-893-1000 or drop in at 6100 Highway 16 in De Leon to discover what’s real with a blazing-fast ultra-reliable internet connection.

Speeds Up To

25 Mb

Various internet services used inside residential home
Preferred Option
Speeds Up To

1 Gig

Fiber Internet
Various internet services used inside residential home
Speeds Up To

300 Mb

Fiber Internet
Various internet services used inside residential home

Wireless Service
Available Where Fiber Isn’t

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They regret their decision.

Sometimes it’s just simpler to pick up the phone and make a call. Whether you need a phone for your home or workplace, we’ve got you covered.

Basic Service

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Starting At
Build a Standard Phone
Package Including the Following
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Speed Dial 8

Extend Your Phone Services
with Even More Add-Ons

Tone Dialing
Call Return
Voice Mail

Premise Wiring
Priority Calls
Call Blocking

No Answer/Busy Lines
Anonymous Call Rejection
Nonpublished Service

Fiber Internet

The latest in technology delivers internet so fast it practically takes flight.

WiFi Mesh

Great coverage and no dead zones, so the only spotty things around are the cows.

Wireless Broadband

When you need a connection in the middle of nowhere.

We’re committed to keeping you connected.

The following are just a few ways we pursue that goal.


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White Glove Service

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Community comes first.
We grew up here, we’re raising our families here, and we’re building a company here. We’re deeply rooted and passionately invested because we love our part of Texas and believe its people deserve the same opportunities found elsewhere. Our commitment starts with offering state-of-the-art communications services so people here can connect with the world. But our commitment means so much more. It means jobs, economic growth, and educational opportunities. It means health, safety, and security. It means our communities come first

Jennifer Prather and Michael Prather
Brother and Sister | Chiefs of Totelcom
It’s pronounced

Thank you very much.