Privacy of Information

One can visit our website with complete privacy. A website visitor can choose to provide customer-specific information by requesting information for a product or service, sending us e-mail or registering on a company website. Any information provided by a website visitor is held strictly confidential within the family of Totelcom Communications, LLC (Totelcom) companies of by its authorized agent and will not be sold or provided to any other organization or business.

Privacy for Internet Service Subscribers

Totelcom does not read customers private online communications. We do not restrict access to any sites on the World Wide Web through our system. We provide links to blocking software for the safety and privacy of customers.

Types of Customer Information

On some web pages users can make requests to receive information. Such customer-specific information will be used to fulfill the specific request of purpose for which it was provided. In addition, such voluntarily provided information may be occasionally used to offer products and services that may be of interest.

Privacy of On-line Personal Information

No personal information obtained on-line is released outside of Totelcom. We use security technology and restriction of employee access to protect your personal information. If the customer requests our assistance in accessing e-mail, etc., anything seen by our personnel while assisting will be considered confidential, but is not protected by law from discovery. We do not provide names, addresses, telephone numbers, User ID, etc. to third parties except under court order. We do not sell customer information to any outside party. We do not collect for marketing purposes, information about where you go on the World Wide Web.

Use of Customer Information

Information collected on-line, especially from those who request information, may be used within Totelcom to inform the user about services and products of potential interest. Customers might be contacted by telephone, direct mail or e-mail to keep them up-to-date on new products and services offered by Totelcom.

Access by Children

Children under the age of 18 are not eligible to subscribe to Totelcom’s services and should not submit any personal information to the Company.  This includes submitting any personal information to the website.

Other Web Sites

The websites of Totelcom and its family of companies may contain links to other web sites. We are not responsible for the content of privacy policies of other sites.

Data Security

Data SecurityTo prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure only appropriate use of information, we use security technology to secure your personal information. Customer acknowledges that they are ultimately responsible to protect their own personal information.


To improve the service Totelcom and its affiliated companies offer, the information obtained about web users may be revised in the future. This privacy statement will be updated to reflect any future developments in Internet business practices.

How Totelcom Collects Your Information

How Totelcom Collects Your InformationTotelcom collects, and processes information provided directly by you when you install the App and register for an account to use the App. Specifically, this information includes:

  • Your name, email address, location, phone number.
  • Browser information and session cookies related to your access and use of the App.
  • Data insights Totelcom attains based on correlation and analytics of your information collected in providing the App, which may be used in aggregated and dis-aggregated formats or to obtain trend analytics, to provide the App; and
  • Use of the above-described collected information in aggregated and dis-aggregated formats to enhance our current App or to provide App features.

How Totelcom Uses the Information

Totelcom uses the information collected as described in this Privacy Policy, including personal information, to:

  • Provide you with the App as described in the Agreement.
  • Implement, improve and/or enhance the App, including to make future releases available to you.
  • Carry out Totelcom obligations as described or authorized in the Agreement and this Privacy Policy.
  • Enforce Totelcom rights arising from the Agreement between you and Toteclom; and
  • Fulfill any other purpose authorized by you and reasonably required for the App.