Network Management Disclosures

Totelcom provides this document in accordance with the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Rule to ensure that we provide our customers with sufficient information to make informed choices about the purchase of broadband service. This document discloses Totelcom’s network management practices, as well as the performance characteristics and commercial terms of those services. The Internet Subscriber Agreement located at governs our customer’s use of Totelcom’s internet services.

Network Management Practices

  1. Blocking, Throttling, or Traffic Prioritization

    Totelcom believes in an open Internet and does not engage in any practice that blocks or throttles lawful Internet content, applications, services or non-harmful devices, subject to reasonable network management. Totelcom also does not directly or indirectly prioritize some traffic over other traffic to benefit an affiliate, in exchange for consideration, monetary gain or otherwise.

  2. Congestion Management

    Totelcom adheres to reasonable network management policies that are consistent with industry standards and tries to use tools and technologies that are minimally intrusive so that very few customers are impacted by the protocols and practices Totelcom uses to manage its network.

    Totelcom engineers its local facilities to meet customers’ traffic requirements. Totelcom uses network management software to conduct periodic monitoring of its network in order to determine the rate of utilization and to detect congestion and abnormal traffic flows. Totelcom manages congestion by monitoring network segment traffic flows in five minute intervals. In addition, Totelcom will add capacity to its network before utilization reaches full capacity. However, if congestion occurs some customers may temporarily experience longer download or upload times or slower surf speeds on the web.

  3. Application-Specific Behavior

    Totelcom’s network management practices are ‘application-agnostic’.

    Totelcom does not:

    1. block or rate-control specific protocols or protocol ports;
    2. modify protocol fields in ways not prescribed by the protocol standard; or
    3. otherwise inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications.
  4. Device Attachment Rules

    Totelcom does not have any restrictions on the types of non-harmful devices that connect to its network, nor do we have any approval procedures for doing so.

  5. Security

    Totelcom recognizes the importance of securing its network and protecting customers from network threats and annoyances. Totelcom is committed to monitoring network activity to help protect against such threats as spam, viruses, firewall issues and other harmful activity. We also encourage customers to adopt their own security practices.

    As its normal practice, Totelcom does not block any protocols, content or traffic for purposes of network management. However, Totelcom may block or limit such traffic as spam, viruses, malware or denial of service attacks to protect network integrity and the security of our customers.

    A customer that abuses or threatens the company’s network by violating the Internet Subscriber Agreement, will be asked to cease such conduct. Failure to do so may result in termination of service.

Performance Characteristics

  1. Service Description

    Totelcom offers internet over DSL, Fixed Wireless, and Fiber facilities. Totelcom offers speeds ranging from 1.5Mbps to 1Gbps, but not all speeds are offered for all technologies.

    Totelcom Internet services are “best effort” meaning the level of performance is not guaranteed. Actual speeds and latency will vary depending on traffic loads. Totelcom strives to provide quality service to maintain customer satisfaction and will dispatch repair technicians to customer sites to troubleshoot and resolve any performance issues that are caused by Totelcom’s network. However, service performance may be affected by a variety of factors outside of Totelcom’s control.

    The link below provides a general description of Totelcom’s service offerings and actual speeds and latency. All Totelcom’s Internet service plans can support real time applications.

  2. Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services

    Totelcom does not currently offer any non-broadband Internet access service data services. Therefore, customers’ Internet experiences will not be affected.

Commercial Terms

  1. Price

    Totelcom’s prices and related fees for available Internet service plans are provided at the link below.

  2. Privacy Policy

    Totelcom’s Privacy Policy is provided at the link below.

  3. Redress Options

    For questions, complaints, or requests for additional information, please contact Totelcom at:

    Business Office: 254-893-1000