Wireless Broadband Internet


Totelcom offers several speeds and competitive monthly pricing to meet your Internet needs. Whether it’s simply surfing the net, playing a favorite game, or watching a favorite TV show or movie, Totelcom can get you up and running with its high speed service. For additional information on Totelcom’s high speed broadband Internet service call 254-893-1000 or 254-965-4323.


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Add Connect Assist for $8.95/mo. and receive an all-inclusive technology service that not only diagnoses an Internet problem when it occurs, but can now help keep your devices running smoothly with TechHome Protect.

TechHome Protect covers one desktop and one mobile device, and offers SecureIT Web Security anti-virus protection for computers, phones, and tablets.  Other services within TechHome Protect include anti-theft protection for your smartphone or tablet, 5GB of cloud backup and storage, and convenient password manager to keep personal information safe.

(Without Connect Assist, current service charges are minimum $60 for each service call plus $90 per hour.)

Wireless Broadband Internet and Connect Assist Pricing

If High Speed Broadband Internet is unavailable in your area, you may be eligible to receive Wireless Broadband Internet.

*Service Area

Stephenville and Surrounding Area

**Download/Upload Speeds




Monthly Charge




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Service Details

*Wireless internet pricing above applies to Stephenville and surrounding area only. Six month continuous service commitment required to receive any installation fee discounts. Additional installation charges for wireless equipment may be included on the first month’s bill. Automatic bank drafts receive a $2.00 monthly discount.  Disruption in continuous service will result in in an early termination fee equal to prorated contract period billings plus an equipment fee of $250 for any unreturned equipment. Internet speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

** Our maximum upload and download capacity levels are 1GB with a reliability factor of 99.999%. All services are provided on an AS IS basis. Speeds cannot be guaranteed outside of our network area. Download speed 10Mb is not available in all areas.

Remote Technical Support

Is your wireless network secure? If your wireless network isn’t secure, any number of users in the area could be stealing your Internet connection, which could slow it down! If you’d like technical assistance for this or any other technical difficulties with your network, give us a call first, then click here to allow us to remotely connect to your computer for assistance.

Security Alert: Phishing

A growing number of malicious e-mails and we sites have been created for the express purpose of stealing your personal or financial information, usernames, and passwords. These e-mails and websites are specifically designed to appear as if they come from or belong to a legitimate organization, such as Totelcom or your bank. This practice is known as phishing or spoofing. Totelcom will never solicit any such information.
Although stopping these crimes altogether may not be possible, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Anti-Phishing Working Group dedicates itself to wiping out Internet scams and fraud.