Customer Service


Since 1952, Totelcom has been offering telecommunications services to its many customers in the Comanche, De Leon, Eastland, Dublin, and Stephenville areas. These services include telephone, long distance, plus wired and wireless internet service. Depending on your location, Totelcom may be able to provide you one or all of these quality communications services.

Call our customer service representatives at 254-893-1000 for more information.

Billing Information

The following information is provided to assist you in understanding Totelcom bills and billing schedule.

Charges for local service and equipment are billed one month in advance. Long distance calls and repair charges are billed after they have been made.

Totelcom prepares and sends out statements to be in the hands of its customers on the first day of each month. The payment due date is located at the top of your Totelcom bill and is considered past due if not paid before that date. You can mail your payment or pay your bill at your local service office during regular business hours. Payment facilities are available at the De Leon and Gorman offices for customers making payments after normal business hours. Other payment options include check-by-phone, automatic bank draft, and debit/credit card.

If the bill is not paid on time, a “Reminder Notice” is mailed to the customer. If the bill is still not paid when the new bills are prepared, the amount due will appear on the bill as a previous balance. A “Disconnect Notice” is then mailed shortly after the new bill, specifying a date by which the past due amount must be paid to avoid disconnection or interruption of service.

If service is disconnected because of non-payment, a reconnect fee will be charged and a security deposit may be required before service is restored. If you are unable to pay your bill on time, please contact the office to make acceptable payment arrangements.

Totelcom’s credit and collection policy is lenient but is strictly enforced. Much of the policy is driven by the fact that Totelcom must pay the long-distance telephone companies at the end of each month for all long-distance calls which Totelcom bills for these Companies. This occurs whether or not Totelcom collects from its customers for the long-distance calls.

If you have any questions on your bill, call your service representative. Explain the possible error to the representative, who will help you. If the error cannot be resolved, please pay the undisputed charges on time so you’ll maintain a good payment record while the problem is being investigated.

For any questions concerning your bill please call your Customer Service Representative at 254-893-1000.