Customer Service


Since 1952, Totelcom has been offering telecommunications services to its many customers in the Comanche, De Leon, Eastland, Dublin, and Stephenville areas. These services include telephone, long distance, plus wired and wireless internet service. Depending on your location, Totelcom may be able to provide you one or all of these quality communications services.

Call our customer service representatives at 254-893-1000 for more information.

Establishing Wireless Internet Service

If you are in a location which Totelcom Communications is unable to provide wired telecommunication services, then wireless internet service could be the answer for your high-speed internet needs. Give us a call at 254-893-1000 to determine the feasibility of wireless internet service at your requested location.

Once determined that a signal can reach your location, an appointment will be set up for a technician to install the wireless internet equipment at your home, business, etc. When equipment is installed and service is established, and before the technician leaves the premises, a wireless internet subscriber agreement must be completed by the customer and the discounted installation payment made.