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Over the past 100+ years, telephone and other communication services in the De Leon and surrounding area has progressed from when De Leon Telephone Service began in 1895 to present day operations of Totelcom Communications, LLC. More important than ever, being connected in today’s world, whether locally or globally, is vital in day-to-day operations of the home and business. Totelcom recognizes this necessity and strives to continually provide quality telephone and internet service at competitive rates.

Serving Area – Telephone/Internet (Wired)

Whether you reside in Newburg, Olden, or downtown De Leon, Totelcom offers many telecommunication services and competitive offerings.  Give us a call at 254-893-1000 and let us know which telecommunications services are a must for you, your family, and business.

Extended Area Calling

Extended Area Calling allows for toll free calling from one local exchange to other local exchanges.
Within the Totelcom local service area, see below each local exchange and the toll free calling allowed.

Carbon (639) – Toll free calling to Gorman and Eastland.
De Leon (893) – Toll free calling to Desdemona, Gorman, Proctor, and Sidney.
Desdemona (758) – Toll free calling to De Leon and Gorman.
Gorman (734) – Toll free calling to De Leon, Desdemona, and Carbon.
Newburg (885) – Toll free calling to Comanche.
Olden (653) – Toll free calling to Eastland.
Proctor (879) – Toll free calling to De Leon and Comanche.
Sidney (842) – Toll free calling to De Leon and Comanche.


Serving Area – Wireless Internet Service


Comanche Area

Comanche Area Wireless Internet Coverage

Stephenville/Dublin Area

Stephenville and Dublin Area Wireless Internet Coverage

(Wireless internet service, from time to time, may be affected by terrain, weather conditions, type of equipment, location of equipment, regulatory requirements, and other factors not within Totelcom’s control and therefore cannot be guaranteed.)