About Us


Over the past 100+ years, telephone and other communication services in the De Leon and surrounding area has progressed from when De Leon Telephone Service began in 1895 to present day operations of Totelcom Communications, LLC. More important than ever, being connected in today’s world, whether locally or globally, is vital in day-to-day operations of the home and business. Totelcom recognizes this necessity and strives to continually provide quality service at competitive rates.

Community Involvement


During the week of June 11 – 16, 2017 Totelcom Communications, LLC allowed 12 volunteering employees the opportunity to contribute 313 hours of service to Comanche County’s Community Rehab Project 2017 – during regular office hours. Volunteer hours were spent caulking, scraping, painting, cutting down brush, roofing, installing new windows, etc. Through combined efforts, 13 homes were repaired, hearts were touched, and Totelcom employees had the chance to give back to the community we live in, work in, and care about.